Technology Platform

H&B France Proprietary technology platform: exploiting the potential of placental MSCs

H & B France has developed and patented a process for isolating and cultivating human placental MSCs capable of inducing angiogenesis. The Umbilical Cord-derived MSCs are characterized by their CD106 + phenotype, which gives them the ability to induce the formation of new blood vessels and capillaries. The first H & B France Cell Therapy Medicines target therapeutic applications such as reperfusion of ischemic vessels or cicratrisation.

These CD 106 + MSCs also exhibit unique immunoregulatory activity, are capable of osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation and secrete more cytokines than CD106-, which opens the door to other therapeutic applications in the future.

Thanks to the history of friendship between scientific founders, this technology platform was developed on the basis of a technology transfer and of an investment from China to France, with inventions and related rights being shared between Beijing H & B and H & B France

The manufacturing of CD106 + MSCs is performed in the Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Unit of the Army Blood Transfusion Center (UMTI – CTSA – Percy-Clamart Military Hospital) which has the capacity to manufacture the batches of cell therapy products for clinical trials according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.