About us

Health & Biotech France (H & B France, Paris, 2015) is a cell therapy company exploiting the potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from the umbilical cord. The first advanced medicinal therapies developed target vascular pathologies and wound healing.

H & B France has developed a pro-angiogenic CSM production platform in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, in partnership with the Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products Unit of the Army Blood Transfusion Centre (Percy Hospital, Clamart).

A first Phase I / IIa clinical trial will be launched in 2019, in partnership with the University Hospital of Reims, for allogeneic cell therapy in critical limb ischemia.

H & B France was founded by French and Chinese experts in stem cells, hematology and their clinical applications. The therapeutic developments of the company are selected on the basis of nearly twenty years of preclinical and clinical research on placental mesenchymal stem cells.

Angelita De Francisco


Former Secretary General of France Biotech (the French biotech industry association), former COO & Strategic Marketing at Deinove (ALDEI), a biotech company dedicated to biofuels, green chemistry and antibiotics, and former CEO of Pilosciences, dedicated to innovative dermo-cosmetic products.

Marielle Portier


20+ years in R&D at Sanofi, with extensive expertise in leading projects from early discovery phases up to Proof of Concept studies and translational medecine. Co-founder and CEO at OtoPharm, a biotech company specialized in hearing disorders , Founder & CEO at Papearus, a Health consulting company.

Nicolas Ferry, MD, PhD

Regulatory expert in gene and cell therapy. More than 25 years experience as scientist at INSERM in basic and clinical applications of advanced therapies. Former member of french and european regulatory authorities. Former senior scientist at Department of Cell Therapy at Saint Louis Hospital in Paris. Scientific Director of Cell and Gene Therapies at Servier. Founder of NF Consulting.

Patrick Squiban, MD


30+ years as Executive Vice President Medical and Regulatory Affairs or Chief Medical Officer in pharmaceutical and biotech companies : Translational Medicine Academy (Basel), Boehringer-Ingelheim (Reims), Innate – Pharma (Marseille),Transgène (Strasbourg), Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutique (Paris). In addition to academic teaching responsabilities, Patrick is author of several publications and member of several boards and professional organizations.

Pr Jean-Pierre Cazenave

Chairman of the Board

Honorary Professor of Hematology and Transfusion at University of Strasbourg. President of ARMESA, a Strasbourg medical research Association and member of the French Académie Nationale de Médecine. Former Director of INSERM research Unit 311 on hemostasis and thrombosis and former Director of the Blood Transfusion Center EFS-Alsace, Strasbourg. Past President and Vice-President of the Société Française de Transfusion and member of several international medical societies.

Pr Zhong Chao Han

Chairman of H&B France

Chairman of H&B Group, Director of the Tianjin Institute of Haematology, Professor at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Chairman of the National Center for Cell Therapy Products, AmCellGene. Fouding member of AsiaCord. Corresponding Member of the French Académie Nationale de Médecine and of the French Académie des Technologies.

Gilles Avenard, MD

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Acticor Biotech, Board member or advisor for several biotech companies, Co-founder and COO of BioAlliance Pharma SA – ONXEO (NYSE EURONEXT) until Gilles Avenard was involved in the development of several innovative drugs until their registration in Europe and USA. Previously, he was Project Director for Hoechst Marion Roussel (Sanofi) and Medical Director of Bio-Transfusion (LFB).

Océan Caen

Studied Chinese and International business at the Beijing Language and Cultural University from 2008 to Graduated in 2016 in International Marketing and Business  Development at Skema Business School (Paris). Océan performed several internships and missions at Beijing H&B , Laboratoires Servier, Aéroports de Paris and la Française des Jeux

Thibault Lataillade

Graduated from Kedge Business School, Master in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Founder and CEO of StemT, a biotechnology company specialized in animal health. Experience in audit (PwC), financial consulting (Zalis) financial management of a subsidiary (Systra Group).

Georges Uzan

Research Director at CNRS, Director of INSERM U972 Unit (Hôpital Paul-Brousse Villejuiif) . Expert in endothelial stem cells and in vascular biology. Inventor of several patents , author of more than 80 publications., Chairman of the Scientific Board of ABCell-Bio.

Pr Zhong Chao Han

Chairman of H&B Group Director of the Tianjin Institute of Haematology. Professor at the Chinese Academy of Medical Science; Chairman of the national center for cell therapy products, AmCellGene. Fouding member of AsiaCord. Correspondentt Member of the French Academy of Medicine.

Pr Jacques Caen

Haematologist, member of the Academy of Medicine and correspondant of the Academy of Sciences. Pr Caen has devoted his career to research and medicine, his major research focus being hemostasis and blood platelets. Founder of the Blood and Vessels Institute and of the Franco-Chinese Foundation for Science and its Applications.